Why Choose New Brunswick?


Plenty of career opportunities paired with an outstanding quality of life mean you can build the life you dream of here.

Say Goodbye to Traffic Jams

How often have you found yourself stuck in your car, just watching the minutes tick by, wishing you were home instead of stuck in another traffic jam? A move to New Brunswick means you can leave all that behind. Not only is it very rare to encounter traffic, nearly everything in the entire province is within a half day’s drive, often on well-maintained, two-lane highways. You might even start to love driving!


Feel Welcomed Right Away

New Brunswick has a reputation for being incredibly welcoming and friendly. When you move here, there is a very good chance you’ll know the names of your neighbours, develop lifelong friendships with work colleagues, and be greeted with smiles as you walk down the street. Our communities are very safe, and we pride ourselves on helping each other out. Expect to quickly feel welcomed into your new community.


Quality of Life Without a Big Price Tag

Whether you choose to live in a bigger urban area or settle down in a rural community, New Brunswick is very affordable. What that means for you and your family is that you can own your own home here, with access to top-tier post-secondary education, daycare, and amenities that are all economical. You’ll also enjoy universal healthcare, which means most of your medical costs will be covered. In NB, the good life is within reach.


Leave the Stress Behind

With breathtaking nature to escape into, towns and cities with big city amenities, and friendly people at every turn, New Brunswick is known for its laid-back lifestyle. Whether it’s hanging out with family at a beachside cottage, meeting for drinks with friends after work, or heading out to hike or bike a new trail, leisure and relaxation are taken very seriously here.


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