Engagement on English Prime and French Language Learning

Overcoming obstacles and building bridges.


On April 17, 2023, the What We Heard report was released. This report provides an overview of what educators, learners, parents, family and community members, researchers and special interest groups had to say about the Evolving French Language Learning: Overcoming Obstacles and Building Bridges (EFLL) initiative and the proposed framework for New Brunswick’s Innovative Immersion Program (NBIIP) that was shared in December 2022.

As part of next steps following these consultations, an Executive Steering Committee (ESC) was established. This executive committee is comprised of individuals representing educators, students, the New Brunswick Teachers’ Association (NBTA), and other key rights and stakeholder groups. The ESC developed guiding principles to guide broader engagement in support of making improvements in the anglophone sector, both in English Prime classrooms and French language learning, including the French immersion program.

The Executive Steering Committee will be informed by the efforts of two working groups – one targeting improved French language learning, and the other examining improvements to the English Prime program. These groups will engage several key partners in education through May and early June 2023, with the goal of submitting recommendations to the Executive Steering Committee.

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