New Brunswick Government budget information

2024-2025 Budget


Nearly $3.8 Billion

the biggest health-care budget in New Brunswick’s history


$68.9 Million

increase for Housing NB


$42.9 Million

for enrolment growth and rising operating costs in school districts such as energy, transportation, and other services


$58.3 Million

in additional support for social assistance clients


$29.7 Million

in wage increases for the human services sector


$370+ Million

in relief to NB taxpayers


$50 Million

to continue the Enhanced Energy Savings Program

On March 19, Finance and Treasury Board Minister Ernie Steeves presented a budget that is the result of years of responsible fiscal management and a commitment to providing services that support a growing population.   

We are continuing to invest in important priority areas including health, education, and supporting our vulnerable populations, while also maintaining a sustainable and responsible approach to managing our finances.


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“Despite the challenges we have faced since 2018, we are building a stronger province, and we also recognize that there is a lot more to do,” said Finance and Treasury Board Minister Ernie Steeves. “We have gone from a province that had weak economic and population growth, and unsustainable public finances, to a province with a much healthier economy with significant growth potential and sustainable public finances, which should be a point of pride for New Brunswickers.”

2024-2025 Capital Budget

Announced on November 28 2023

2024-25 capital budget reflects government’s response to needs of a growing province

The Finance and Treasury Board Minister, Ernie L. Steeves, tabled a $1.2-billion capital budget, an increase of nearly $200 million over the multi-year plan tabled last year.