Message from Commission Co-Chairs

As the co-chairs of the Electoral Boundaries & Representation Commission we are honoured to have been selected to lead the important task of reviewing New Brunswick’s electoral boundaries.

Along with the other four commission members, we invite citizens, stakeholder groups, and others interested in the democratic process to take advantage of options available to communicate with us. You can either attend one of our public meetings or request the opportunity to participate in one of two virtual public sessions we plan to organize. You can also send us your ideas using the feedback section of our website, or by email at

Our goal is to offer an open and transparent process that allows all New Brunswickers the opportunity to share with us their ideas on ways to enhance the electoral landscape of our province.   We look forward to presenting our preliminary report in mid-December and our final report in March of 2023.

Thank you,

Camille Thériault & Roger Clinch
Commission Co-chairs