Government of New Brunswick
  • By completing an application; or
  • By providing a resume and/or summary of work history, volunteer service and/or other life experiences relevant to the position.

Before submitting your expression of interest, take a look at the helpful resources below:




Found the right board for you?



Vacancies for ABC opportunities are posted to the ABC website.

  • Anyone who wishes to apply to serve on an ABC must submit an expression of interest.

Notes: When the box on the application form is checked for consideration of other board opportunities, your application will be added to the ABC résumé repository for three years.

  • When the recruitment closes resumes of each applicant is reviewed.
  • The selection of candidates is based on merit. Consideration for board membership includes:

- Required skills and competencies
- Board composition: the Province of New Brunswick actively supports equal opportunity and workplace equity for all persons, and is committed to including and reflecting the population it serves.

  • Appointments are made by:

Order-in-Council - approval from the Executive Council (Cabinet) and the

Ministerial – approval from the Minister responsible for the legislation that establishes
the ABC.

  • Successful candidates will be contacted by the department responsible for the ABC
  • All enquiries should be directed to the responsible department.
  • Where appointment is made by an Order-in-Council, the names of successful applicants are published in the Royal Gazette.  



Submitting your interest to serve on an agency, board or commission

In submitting your expression of interest, please complete the application or send in a resume including summary of work history, volunteer service and/or other life experiences relevant to the position of no more than 5 pages.

Include descriptions demonstrating the following:

  • Ability to apply a broad perspective on issues;
  • Teamwork and the ability to listen to others, constructively solve problems, make objective and fair decisions and reach consensus in a timely manner;
  • Ability to deal professionally with confidential and sensitive information;
  • Ability to communicate effectively and write clear and concise reports;
  • Any relevant professional designations or specific knowledge or qualifications related to the board and/or its focus; and
  • Peer/community recognition of high ethical standards and integrity in professional and personal interactions.

Note: Those interested in serving as Board chairs and co-chairs should have proven abilities in leading groups to solve problems constructively and bring about fair and consensus-based decisions.


Personal information collected is done for the purpose of making appointments to various agencies, boards, and commissions; and is collected under the statutory authority of these various agencies, boards, and commissions. Questions about this collection should be directed to the ABC Unit of the Executive Council Office at (506) 444-5292 or P.O. Box 6000, Fredericton, NB E3B 5H1.

Should you provide consent to add your information to the corporate resume database to be considered for another ABC position for which you are qualified, you are agreeing that your personal information will be used or disclosed for the purposes of determining eligibility for appointment to various agencies, boards and commissions.



Conflicts of interest arise when there is conflict between the private interests and the official responsibilities of an individual in a position of trust. In other words, situations where a board member may derive personal benefits for themselves, friends, or families from actions or decisions made through their board involvement. Conflicts of interest can be real or perceived.

For example, board members should not:

  • directly or indirectly benefit from a transaction where they can influence decisions made by the ABC
  • use their position to solicit clients for business purposes
  • accept fees, gifts, gratuities or other benefits which could reasonably be considered to influence their/board decisions
  • make use of any privileged information to their personal gain or the gain of others

To ensure ABCs are governed in the public interest, potential appointees are asked to disclose any obligation, commitment, relationship or interest that could conflict or may be perceived to conflict with their duties to or interests of the agency, board or commission to which they are seeking appointment.

For additional information, see the ‘Conflict of Interest’ section on the ABC application.



Many board positions are done on a voluntary basis, while others may receive remuneration. Remuneration is based on a number of factors including:

  • level of credentials/expertise
  • complexity of work
  • precedence setting implications/decisions
  • far reaching social or economic impacts of board decisions