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    This program is designed to increase the mobility of persons with a disability residing in the province of New Brunswick by providing financial assistance towards the cost of supplying and installing eligible retrofitting and accessibility features for vehicles.


    Eligible applicants include individual residents, organizations, municipalities or private companies providing transportation services to persons with a disability, all of which must reside or be based within the province of New Brunswick.

    Some examples of retrofitting and accessibility features eligible for assistance under the program are:
    wheelchair lifts and ramps
    hand controls, steering devices and left-foot gas pedals
    wheelchair restraint systems
    special needs seating
    roof, floor and door alterations (if part of an accessible retrofit)
    scooter lifts.

    Consideration may be given to other features not listed above.


    Grants are available to eligible applicants up to 80% of the first $5625 and 50% of the next $7000 towards the cost of eligible accessibility features for a new or existing vehicle, up to a maximum grant amount of $8000. Taxes are the responsibility of the applicant. Sales tax on some accessibility features may be rebated by the Department of Finance, Province of New Brunswick.

    This grant amount is renewable every 10 years for individuals and 5 years for organizations.

    The Department may consider more than one application per applicant; however, when a total of $4500 in assistance has been approved for an individual, additional funding will be cost shared at 50% to a maximum total grant of $8000.

    To be eligible for a grant the vehicle must have a valid Safety Inspection Sticker. The Department may require an inspection prior to approval of a grant.

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