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    The Registrar of Aquaculture is responsible for the licensing and leasing of all aquaculture sites in the province of New Brunswick and administers commercial, private and institutional licences, as well as occupation permits and leases for aquaculture sites situated on Crown Land.


    The following permits are required for aquaculture purposes in New Brunswick when aquaculture is conducted on Crown land:

    a) "Lease"

    A lease is a legal document conveying the right to use a specific parcel of land for a specified period of time, usually between ten and twenty years..

    b) "Occupation Permit"

    An Aquaculture Occupation Permit is a permit which allows occupation and use of a specified and designated area for a temporary period of up to three (3) years. The Occupation Permit is generally issued for research and development purposes or for marine shellfish over-wintering sites situated on New Brunswick’s East Coast.

    c) “Licence of Occupation” (Department of Natural Resources)

    A Licence of Occupation is required if the Crown Land has not yet been designated as aquaculture land by the Minister of Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries. The Licence of Occupation is normally required for the interim period between initial site approval and the survey of the land, which leads to designation and finally issuance of an occupation permit or lease.


    An application must be filed with the department. The application will be reviewed in accordance with provisions of the Aquaculture Act and its General Regulation.


    Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

    Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
    Aquaculture application fee2008-01-09
      Aquaculture Lease 10.002012-02-13
      Occupation permit 10.002012-02-13
    Annual aquaculture fee2008-01-09
      Occupation permit: (Marine, Inland) (per year) $100.00100.002012-02-13
      Commercial marine aquaculture lease site (per hectare, per year)2008-01-08
      (1) Culture of finfish (per hectare) 250.002012-02-13
      (2) Mollusk culture (per hectare)(minimum $100.00) 20.002012-02-13
      (3) Crustacean culture (per hectare) 250.002012-02-13
      Commercial inland aquaculture site for finfish (per hectare, per year) 250.002012-02-13
      Private aquaculture site for mollusk (per year)100.002012-02-13
      Institutional 100.002012-02-13
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