People who have been impacted by this event are encouraged to inquire about Disaster Financial Assistance.   This program provides assistance for eligible damages and losses that threaten the health and safety of individuals,  municipalities and small businesses.

Service New Brunswick centres are being set-up to provide information to residents on Disaster Financial Assistance and to social development clients.

These centres are located at:

  • Caraquet SNB Service Centre, 127 St-Pierre Boul. West, Caraquet.
  • Richibucto SNB Service Centre, Newstart building, 9239 Main St.
  • Shippagan SNB Service Centre, 185B 1st St.
  • Tracadie SNB Service Centre, Place du Moulin, 447 du Moulin St.

Applications are available online and at Service New Brunswick offices.

Residents, municipalities and small businesses can also call  1-888-298-8555 for more information or to apply.

Here are examples of what can be claimed:

Gasoline used for your generator - You must submit the receipts.  If you have no receipts, ask the gas station to provide you with a printed receipt printed or written receipt with the word “paid” stamped on it. You must also submit a picture of your generator, clearly showing the brand name, serial number and the watt value.

Cleaning of debris on your property - such as broken trees or branches tree cutting posing a hazard to your home. You must submit pictures of damage before and after cleaning. If you do the cleaning yourself, keep a cleaning work registry.  This means to enter the date, the name of the person who worked, the number of hours worked on that day and the description of the work carried out.  Write down that information for each person and every day worked that was necessary to complete the cleaning. You will be reimbursed at a rate of $ 10.65 for each hour worked. If you choose to use the services of a professional team, the cleaning bill will be refunded.

Uninsurable losses or damages. If you have major damage to your main residence, which prevents you from returning to your home for safety or hygiene reasons, you must first contact your insurance company to make a claim. If your insurer refuses to pay for damages, you may apply to the DFA program.  Your situation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.  However, your insurer will have to complete the Appendix C to justify the refusal. The fact that you do not have home insurance does not make you automatically eligible for this Disaster Financial Assistance program.  Not insuring your home is a choice, and does not make losses less insurable.  If you were insured, damages might be covered, so it would be considered an insurable loss.



If you have home insurance, please call your insurer first. You may have coverage for some of your losses, including food lost, and your insurer can act on your claim right away.

In case of issues with the insurer, you might call the Office of the Consumer Advocate for insurance at 1-888-283-5111.



New Brunswickers who lost food as a result of the storm can receive assistance from their local food banks.

The Canadian Red Cross is also offering some financial assistance for those who have lost food. New Brunswickers can register online at redcross.ca/NBIceStorm.

Registration can also be completed by calling the Red Cross toll-free 1-888-893-1300 daily between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. 



The government is providing additional assistance to help food banks meet needs. If you need food to get back on your feet, you can visit the nearest food bank.



If you’re a Social Development client and need extra emergency assistance, please call your caseworker. They can help you understand what emergency assistance is available.