FREDERICTON (GNB) – With a federal election slated for the fall, Premier Brian Gallant is calling upon national party leaders to support New Brunswick’s efforts to create jobs.

“Provinces have been unduly burdened by the federal government’s approach to balancing the books,” said Gallant. “Provinces have been left between a rock and a hard place as they try to stretch every dollar to deliver the most important services Canadians rely on. The federal government has the capacity and the obligation to step up and play a greater role.”

Gallant recently asked for the federal government to consider special funding to help provinces with rapidly aging populations. He said provinces like New Brunswick will be impacted because of changes to the Canada Health Transfer.‎ That will lead to higher costs for the provinces most in need of ensuring the best education and skills training to grow their economies.

“The upcoming federal election is an opportunity to discuss how the federal government can partner with us in creating jobs for New Brunswickers and focusing on supporting services and initiatives in education that will lead to long-term growth that will benefit all Canadians and this country’s economy,” said Gallant.

In a document sent to federal party leaders, Gallant outlined New Brunswick’s specific areas of interest designed to grow the economy and create more jobs.

They include:

  • equitable support on federal investments in energy and natural resource projects;
  • investing in infrastructure renewal in New Brunswick;
  • fostering success for New Brunswick’s key industries;
  • growing New Brunswick’s population;
  • revisiting policy changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker program;
  • equitable investment in federal research and development in New Brunswick;
  • more federal government jobs in New Brunswick; and
  • reversing changes to the Employment Insurance program.

“We want to work with the federal government to prioritize and invest in initiatives that will create jobs and help families,” said Gallant. “Our government’s focus is on creating the conditions for job growth and economic development. We look forward to discussing these items with party leaders, the candidates in New Brunswick, and with policy-makers from the respective parties.”