FREDERICTON (GNB) – An update on school water fountain testing and remediation was provided today by Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Jody Carr.

"We took action and established an enhanced water testing program last year because the health and safety of our staff and students is our first priority," said Carr. "The department and school districts have made significant progress in remediating all issues found in testing, and they will continue the work to ensure we provide staff and students with safe drinking water."

The following steps are being taken following testing of 2,000 fountains across the province:

●    more than 180 fountains are being replaced;
●    26 water treatment systems are being installed; and
●    more than 250 fountains have been deactivated and removed.

The new fountains being installed meet the strictest standards in North America.

The department estimates that capital costs will total more than $320,000 to buy and install new fountains, water treatment systems and other plumbing work. To date, the cost of providing bottled water to students and staff has totalled more than $50,000.

Once remediation is completed in each school, water quality will be retested and will have to meet requirements before fountains are available for use. Bottled water will continue to be provided in designated schools until test results are satisfactory.

"Water quality in schools will remain a priority as part of our healthy and safe schools agenda," said Carr. "We will ensure an ongoing water quality monitoring protocol is put in place in co-operation with the departments of Health, Transportation and Infrastructure, and Environment  and Local Government to continue to maintain the quality of drinking water in our schools."


●    Update (in English only): anglophone school districts
●    Update (in French only) francophone school districts