SAINT JOHN (GNB) – A recycling and waste-reduction program run by the Crescent Valley Resource Centre is being expanded through $15,000 in support from the Environmental Trust Fund.

"This has been a winning relationship since the initiative was launched two years ago, and I know it will continue to benefit the residents of Crescent Valley," said Culture, Tourism and Healthy Living Minister Trevor Holder. "This initiative helps those who call Crescent Valley home; it provides continued benefits for the environment; and it educates residents about the benefits of recycling and composting to reduce waste."

Holder was speaking on behalf of Environment and Local Government Minister Bruce Fitch.

Each year the trust fund supports community-based initiatives to restore, improve, preserve and protect air, land and water resources in New Brunswick.

The department announced in April that about $4 million from the trust fund would be invested in 195 environmental projects this year.