ROGERSVILLE (GNB) – The provincial government is investing $500,000 in the construction of a municipal facility in Rogersville, Economic Development Minister Paul Robichaud announced today.

"Ensuring we have proper community infrastructure in place is important for our government," said Robichaud. "Our investment will ensure members of the community have a place available to conduct community events."

Funding provided through the Regional Development Corporation will be used toward constructing the community component of the facility. A new road leading to the facility is also part of the project.

The $4-million facility will house the Village of Rogersville office, council chamber, fire hall and an RCMP office. A community room will be added to the facility.

"I wish to thank the Province of New Brunswick and all departments involved, especially the Regional Development Corporation, for their financial support, which will enable our village to replace a crucial facility for the region while minimizing the impact on the tax rate of the municipality and local service districts served by our fire department," said Rogersville Mayor Pierrette Robichaud.

In January, a fire destroyed a one-storey building containing the village hall, RCMP office and fire station.