FREDERICTON (GNB) – Elections NB confirmed today that the Fredericton Police are investigating two break and enters that occurred in the evening of June 1 at its office building in downtown Fredericton.

Two laptop computers being used by Bell Canada employees working on a software program for Elections New Brunswick were stolen from an adjacent office suite, located on the main floor of the building. Locks to the suite being used by the contractors, as well as to the main office of Elections NB, were physically broken by the individual attempting to gain access.

"One of the laptop computers stolen from the contractors' suite contained information copied from the current register of electors, which was being used to create a new software application," said Chief Electoral Officer Michael Quinn. "This computer was password protected, the data was encoded, and it is linked to a Government of New Brunswick domain account, which requires a specific sign-in to access, all in keeping with current government policies for information security."

Upon learning of the break in, officials at Elections NB immediately contacted the police, which has started an investigation. The individual was recorded on security cameras located in the main office. Copies of the footage have been handed over to police.

"We also took immediate steps to advise the access to information and privacy commissioner, the Speaker of the legislative assembly and the Office of the Premier of the break and enter and the missing laptops,” said Quinn.