Government of New Brunswick

With the objective of fostering stewardship of built heritage resources, the Historic Places Section provides the public with technical assistance, planning advice and research tools as follows;

  • Provision of input regarding built heritage resources for rural and municipal plans.  Responds to and provides input regarding potential impacts to built heritage resources relating to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), ensuring that proponents identify and assess these resources and related issues in the EIA process.  The New Brunswick Register of Historic Places and the provincial component of the Canadian Inventory of Historic Buildings are available to the public, groups, organizations and consultants for planning exercises and Environmental Impact Assessments.
  • Administrative and regulatory support for existing and nominated Provincial Heritage Places related to the Heritage Conservation Act.
  • General information to individuals, groups and municipalities in New Brunswick regarding the maintenance, conservation and re-use of built heritage resources. In providing this service, Heritage Branch uses the ‘Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada;