Government of New Brunswick
I have financial difficulties because of a small income. Are there programs available that might help with my rent?

Yes, you can apply for housing assistance at your local Social Development office.  If you are eligible for help, your name will be placed on a waiting list for a subsidized housing unit owned by the government, a non-profit housing group or a private landlord.  If you receive a unit, you will pay approximately 30% of your income for rent. 

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My home is in dire need of repairs and I just don't have the money, is there any program that can help me make needed repairs?

Yes, we might be able to help you through the Federal/Provincial Repair program which provides help to low income households living in existing housing needing major repair(s) or lacking indoor plumbing and hot/cold running water.

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I've been renting for years. Are there programs available that would assist me in buying or building my own home?

Yes, the Home Ownership Program provides financial assistance to low and modest income families to help them buy or build a modest first home.

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