LAC BAKER (GNB) – The provincial government is supporting environmental groups and the local economy in the Madawaska region by contributing about $245,000 from the Environmental Trust Fund for 12 projects.

“The fund creates about 120 jobs each year throughout the province,” said Economic Development Minister Francine Landry. “With our investments, we are supporting a green economy while at the same time protecting our province’s air, land and water resources.”

Landry spoke on behalf of Environment and Local Government Minister Serge Rousselle.

The announcement was hosted by the Village of Lac Baker, who received $13,100 to undertake two projects. The first project will support efforts to raise awareness and environmental protection of Baker Lake and the second project will provide financial support to the voluntary surveillance of Baker and Caron lakes.

“This is important funding that supports our work to keep Lac Baker a sustainable community where we understand the importance of protecting the environment,” said Mayor Louis Chouinard.

The following organizations also received funding:

  • The Association des propriétaires de chalet du lac Unique received $8,000 to co-ordinate the voluntary surveillance of the lake, including a water quality monitoring program;
  • The Northwest Regional Service Commission received $38,000 for two projects. The funding will assist them in their efforts to raise awareness of the importance of waste reduction as well as increase opportunities for waste collection;
  • The Comité de l’aménagement rural du Nord-Ouest received $78,545 for three projects: $25,560 to carry out extensive monitoring of various watercourses in the Iroquois-Blanchette watershed; $25,000 to improve and restore Unique Lake; and $27,985 to implement a strategy to improve water quality within the Blanchette Brook and Iroquois River watersheds;
  • The Comité d’environnement de l’École Notre-Dame received $4,500 towards their project that uses solar power to extend the growing season in their greenhouse;
  • The Société d’aménagement de la rivière Madawaska et du lac Témiscouata received $22,000 to develop ecological community procedures for the Madawaska region including outreach programs for school-aged children; and $30,000 to continue their efforts to improve the Madawaska watershed; and
  • Resnet received $50,000 to recycle cathode ray tubes.

The Environmental Trust Fund provides assistance to community groups, organizations, municipalities and institutions for projects that produce tangible, measurable benefits to the environment.

A total of 207 projects valued at $6.5 million have been approved under the fund.

In addition, another $1.5 million has been set aside to support environmental initiatives.

More information, including the list of approved projects and initiatives, is available online.