Government of New Brunswick


The Prescription Drug Program provides prescription drug coverage to eligible residents of New Brunswick.


Individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and registered to the plan by a New Brunswick infectious disease specialist, who are not entitled to receive similar benefits from any other source. Individuals must be registered with New Brunswick Medicare in accordance with the Medical Services Payment Act.

Coverage will remain in effect as long as the beneficiary continues to meet the eligibility requirements and resides in New Brunswick.


The New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program Formulary (see Related Links) lists the drugs which are eligible for coverage for each plan.

Individuals on this plan are required to pay a co-payment of 20% of the costs for each prescription up to a maximum of $20. The maximum in co-payments is $500 per family unit in one fiscal year. There is an annual registration fee of $50 for this plan.

Individuals who hold a valid health card for prescription drugs through the Department of Social Development (Plan F) do not pay the annual registration fee and their co-pay reflects their respective plan.

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