Government of New Brunswick


The Organ Transplant Plan is a provincial drug plan that helps eligible New Brunswick residents who are recipients of a solid organ or bone marrow transplant with the cost of certain anti-rejection drugs.


New Brunswick residents who have received (or are on the active waiting list to receive) a solid organ or bone marrow transplant can apply for the Organ Transplant Plan if they:
• have a valid Medicare card, and
• do not have coverage for any portion of the cost of anti-rejection drugs from any other drug plan.

Refer to the Forms section for more information on how to apply.


The New Brunswick Prescription Drug Program (NBPDP) Formulary (see Related Links) lists the drugs that are eligible for coverage for each plan.

The Organ Transplant Plan has an annual registration fee of $50 and a copayment. The copayment is portion of the prescription cost that you pay each time you have a prescription filled. The copayment is 20% of the prescription cost up to a maximum of $20. The copayment ceiling is $500 per family unit per plan year.

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