Government of New Brunswick


This program assists clients of this department with coverage for specific wheelchair and seating related benefits which are not covered by other agencies or private health insurance plans.

Equipment may be provided from the Recycling Program, or provided new, when recycled equipment is not available.


This program is available to:
• Clients of this department and their dependents
• Individuals who have special health needs and who qualify for assisted health care under Section 4.4 of the Family Income Security Act and Regulations

Clients must have one of the following:
• A valid white Health Services Card showing “SUPPLEMENTARY” in the BASIC HEALTH ELIGIBILITY section, or “CEQUIP” in the ADDITIONAL HEALTH ELIGIBILITY section


• A valid yellow Health Services card with a “Y” under the OTH in the VALID ONLY FOR box, or an “X” under SUPP in the VALID ONLY FOR box.

Additional benefit specific criteria may apply.

In order to be eligible for full benefits through this program, you must not have any other coverage for the services(s) required.


This program covers:
• Manual wheelchairs
• Power wheelchairs
• Four-wheeled scooters
• Rehabilitation strollers
• Seating and positioning aids components
• Modifications and repairs
• Rentals

This program does not cover
• Geriatric wheelchairs
• Lift chairs and “Lazy Boy” style chairs
• Stand up wheelchairs
• Car seats
• Back up wheelchairs
• Transport wheelchairs
• Three-wheeled scooters
• Electronics for environmental control
• Attendant
• Accessories that are not prescribed for medical or safety reasons
• Any equipment for short term use
• Back packs, storage pouches, baskets, etc

All recyclable equipment purchased by this department belongs to the Recycling Program. Before any equipment purchase will be considered, clients (or their representatives) must sign an agreement to return the item to the Recycling Program once it is no longer required.

Wheelchairs are considered once every 5 years.

Seating and accessories are eligible every 2 years.

Repairs and modifications can be considered as required.

There is no cost to eligible clients for entitled wheelchair or seating services.

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