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The Driver Insurance Abstract Service (DIAS) provides the ability to search for insurance abstracts for drivers throughout the entire province of New Brunswick


The users of this service are typically insurance agents or brokers who want to retrieve a profile of a specific driver.


The Atlantic Canada On-Line (ACOL) Driver Insurance Abstract service provides the ability to search for insurance abstracts for drivers. The Driver Insurance Abstract Service (DIAS) provides two methods of access to the driver insurance abstract information: via the Internet with a standard web browser; and via a Remote Machine Access (RMA) interface.

The DIAS provides the following functions:

Authentication - Users of the DIAS use their Internet browser to access the login screen, where they are prompted for their unique ACOL user ID and password. A user must have a previously established account with ACOL.

Search - Once a user has been authenticated as a valid user and has selected the DIAS, (s)he will be presented with a search screen displaying the fields Driver License Number, Province, and Date of Birth. Exact and complete data must be entered in these fields and match the criteria to produce a result.
Results - A single match returned by the DIAS database is displayed to the user. This includes driver and license information along with conviction, suspension and accident information, if applicable.

Logout - At any point a user may end their login session. If a session is not active for a configurable duration, it will be logged off automatically.

Error Conditions - Internet user requests are validated ensuring required submission criteria are met, or the search web page will be redisplayed with the error so the user may fix the error and resubmit the search request. RMA users will receive an error message informing them that there is a problem.

For remote access to the DIA service, you require an ACOL account with DIAS access privileges. To acquire an account, complete all required documents provided in the ACOL Information Kit. These can be obtained from the Client Support Centre and the ACOL web site. Return the completed ACOL Client Application and Financial Agreement with initial fees to Unisys for processing. Access is subject to the approval of the New Brunswick Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

Once your application has been received and approved, Unisys creates an ACOL client account and user IDs with DIAS access privileges for those individuals you have identified on your client application. Each client will receive the ACOL Welcome Package that includes a welcome letter with your user IDs and default passwords to access the system.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

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