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The Plant Propagation Centre initiates and multiplies disease-tested tissue cultured potato material. Nuclear Stock plantlets and microtubers are produced which become the basis for New Brunswick's seed potato industry. The Centre supplies a full range of varieties to its customers.


New Brunswick Potato Producers


General Description
The Plant Propagation Centre was established in 1983 and expanded in 1990 to produce potato plantlets and microtubers under stringent sanitary conditions. The Plant Propagation Centre meets or exceeds all standards imposed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for the production of Nuclear Stock class seed potatoes.

Research areas:
The Plant Propagation Centre fulfills important research and technical training functions. The Centre is continuously modifying and improving protocols and techniques for tissue culture of agricultural crops. On-site training in propagation and aseptic practices are offered to local and foreign students. Visiting delegations are welcomed regularly for a tour and presentation on Nuclear Stock production in New Brunswick.

Product and Service
The Plant Propagation Centre supplies:
- disease-tested tissue cultured Nuclear Stock material to New Brunswick's seed potato industry;
- commercial quantities of both plantlets and microtubers;
- nuclear stock plantlets of a full range of varieties to customers.

Specialized Equipment & Facilities
Its facilities include a modern tissue culture laboratory and four separate growth rooms as well as the Canadian Potato Variety Repository, which houses an extensive bank of public and private varieties and seedlings. All material in the Centre is maintained as disease-tested tissue cultured stock, and is offered to industry as certified Nuclear Stock.

The Centre is accredited as a nuclear stock initiation and multiplication facility by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and audited on an annual basis.

Research and Development Projects
The Centre collaborates in an on-going fashion with federal, university and private research facilities in Atlantic Canada on various potato-related projects.

Changes To Fees

This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:
Plant Propagation Fees


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Potato Fees 
  Plantlet Sales (in-Province).702020-02-28
  Plantlet Sales (out-of-Province)0.752020-02-28
  Repository Services250.002020-02-28
Special Order Fee 2020-02-28
  Special Orders - Domestic (up to 5 plantlets)250.002020-02-28
  Special Orders - International (up to 5 plantlets)400.002020-02-28
Quality Control Audit Service - NEW0.07 / unit/pièce2020-02-28
Introductory Fee - NEW350.00 / variety/variété2020-02-28