Government of New Brunswick


The objective is to assist beef producers to adopt or improve rotational pasture management on their farms. Proper adoption and use of rotational pasture practices will improve quantity and quality of pasture productivity, improve pasture carrying capacity, extend the grazing season, improve soil health and carbon sequestration, improved root growth, improve animal productivity, improve pasture biodiversity and improve drought resistance of pastures.


All beef farms are eligible for financial incentives if they meet the following conditions:

• Premises on which the farming activities occur must be located in New Brunswick.
• An individual representing the applicant farm operation must have attained the legal age of 19 in the province of New Brunswick.
• No current or former public office holder, public servant, Member of the Legislative Assembly or Member of the House of Commons who is not in compliance with applicable conflict of interest guidelines and legislation shall derive any benefit from this program.
• All applicants must be members in good standing with the New Brunswick Cattle producers. This requires submission of the NBCP annual producer registration form, along with required documentation

Eligibility Pasture Infrastructure:

The following is a list of eligible pasture infrastructure

• Internal sub-division fencing materials, including reels, step-in posts, wire, insulators and purchased fence posts
• Fencer power units
• Grounding systems
• Fence testing equipment, switches, and remote controls
• Pasture Watering system infrastructure
• Automatic gates and gate hardware
• Other pasture infrastructure, provided proper justification is supplied
• A minimum of 5 paddocks is required

Perimeter fencing of pastures is not eligible, unless strong justification is provided

Second-Hand infrastructure or replacement infrastructure are not eligible


Applicant farm operations will be eligible for financial assistance of 50% towards the purchase of rotational pasture infrastructure. The maximum assistance will be $3,000 per farm and increases to $3,500 per farm if a pasture management plan is proposed.

Funding is available to hire a consultant to provide a professionally certified, comprehensive pasture management plan. Plans to be completed by a qualified Professional Agrologist or Certified Crop Advisor. The funding available for pasture plans is 80% to a maximum contribution of $500.

Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis until funding is exhausted.

Deadline for applications is December 31, 2022.

No assistance will be paid on projects built or purchased before the approval date.