Government of New Brunswick


Become an e-Landlord for improved service and faster processing:

• e-Remit security deposits
• e-Release security deposits
• e-Claim security deposits (within 7 days after end of tenancy)
• e-Withdrawal security deposit claims
• access Security Deposit Refund Agreement (requires tenant signature)
• access online support (Monday – Friday, 8:15am– 4:30pm)

Same day response from dedicated support team
Monday – Friday, 8:15am– 4:30pm


Step 1
• Create an IAM Account (Identity and Access Management Account) with Service New Brunswick. Click here

• After an IAM Account is created, an email will be sent with a personal User ID and Account Number. Keep this information as these items are required to complete the form in the next step.

Step 2
• • Complete the 3 parts of the Client Authentication Registration Forms and attach an image of a void cheque.

Part 1 - Client Registration
Part 2 - Financial Officer Registration
Part 3 - Client Adminstrator Registration

Step 3
• Email the completed documents to

Within an estimated 2 business days you will receive an email confirming activation of your account and instructions on how to proceed.


The e-Landlord service was designed to offer prompt service, accurate results and quicker processing.

• No waiting in lines
• Direct access to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal
• Available 24/7
• Same day response from a dedicated support team