Government of New Brunswick


This collaborative workforce strategy provides funding assistance to the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) to assist with recruitment. The intent of the Collaborative Allied Health Strategy is to facilitate timely recruitment and hiring efforts for high priority areas identified by the RHAs. Funding assistance is provided in keeping with the RHAs’ respective hiring process and recruitment incentive policies.


Specialized health care providers, designated by the RHAs as high priority workforce needs, may be eligible to receive funding assistance, as part of the recruitment and hiring process or as part of a special workforce strategy to address an urgent need. Selected candidates who agree to sign a mandatory return-of-service agreement with the respective RHA may be eligible to receive relocation assistance or other recruitment incentives, in accordance with the RHA’s recruitment incentive policy. The RHA will submit the funding request on behalf of the selected candidates, if the following eligibility criteria are met:

1. The RHAs’ proposal for funding assistance targets a health occupation identified as a high priority by the RHAs, other than medical and nursing resources; OR
2. The RHA’s proposed recruitment strategy targets a critical shortage situation, which, unless it is addressed successfully and in a timely manner, could negatively impact RHAs’ operations.


This program is funded by this department but it is managed by the RHAs. Candidates cannot apply directly to the department. Requests for funding assistance are received directly from the RHAs on behalf of selected candidates, or as part of an interim workforce strategy to address an urgent need. As such, this program is a collaborative process between the department and the two RHAs. Funding assistance provided is in keeping with the RHAs’ respective recruitment incentive policies.

The maximum amount of relocation assistance for “allowable moving expenses” with receipts is dependent on the region from which the candidate is relocating from:
- Within New Brunswick $1,500
- Quebec/Atlantic Canada (excluding New Brunswick) $3,000
- Ontario/Western Canada/Territories $5000

Amounts regarding other recruitment incentives, such as student and/or employee educational sponsorships will be on a case by case basis, based on the RHAs’ priority needs and/or exceptional circumstances. Such proposals will require prior approval by the RHAs’ respective leadership team before being submitted to this department for consideration.

The number of requests approved is based on the budget allocation of the program which is determined annually.

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