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The Shared Workload Initiative provides established family physicians an opportunity to reduce and share their patient workload with a new physician while maintaining their practice. This program also gives new physician an opportunity to work in collaboration with an established family physician.


Established Family Physicians participating in this program :
• Must be in a fee-for-service payment arrangement
• Must have seen at least 2000 individual patients in their office in each of the past 3 fiscal years.
• Must be at least 55 years of age.
• Must not be on a current phase-out agreement.
• Must want to reduce their current workload but maintain their office based practice and patient charts.

New Family Physician participating in this program :
• Must meet all the Medicare registration requirements.
• Must be in a fee-for-service payment arrangement.
• Must have obtained (or must obtain) privileges from the Regional Health Authority and meet any requirements that it may have related to the granting and maintenance of privileges.
• Must share the established Family Physician existing patient workload.
• Must agree not to establish an independent community based practice, unless a new agreement is reached.
• Will be able to accept new patients who are not in the established practice.
• Will be able to do clinical based work outside of the established practice.


Over the past years family physicians who have a large patient workload, have indicated that they may not want to fully retire but would like to reduce their current workload while maintaining their practice. While new physicians have indicated that they do not wish to have a patient load of the same magnitude as their senior colleagues and often times they would appreciate the opportunity of working in collaboration with another physician.

To meet this demand, the Province will establish, on an annual basis, a number of new positions specifically designated to meet these demands.

Physicians participating in this program are required to sign a contract.

Work arrangements and any other office administrative arrangement will be between the existing physician and the new physician.

Physicians interested in participating in this program, should contact this department and the Medical Affairs Office of the Regional Health Authority to request the establishment of such an arrangement and confirm eligibility.

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