Government of New Brunswick


• To target areas for sheep flock health and productivity improvements that can advance the overall health and quality of New Brunswick’s sheep.
• To reduce the impact of parasites and diseases.
• To provide producers with a comprehensive, professional review of the health status of their flocks.


• Premises on which the farming activities occur must be located in New Brunswick.
• An individual representing the applicant farm operation must have attained the legal age of 19 in the province of New Brunswick.
• Applicants must be compliant with the Livestock Operations Act or have a license application or renewal in process. In the case of license application or renewal, the Registrar under the Livestock Operations Act should be consulted to ensure that no major limitations to the issuance of a license exist.
• No current or former public office holder, public servant or Member of the Legislative Assembly or House of Commons who is not in compliance with applicable conflict of interest guidelines and legislation shall derive any benefit from this sub-program.


Description/Description: One of the main objectives of this Program will be to monitor the health of sheep flocks in New Brunswick to assist industry to determine a base line of sheep health issues and challenges. This Program will also establish a snap shot on parasitic issues currently facing the sheep sector. Information gathered from this Program will be shared with animal health professionals to complete an epidemiological analysis of the key health issues for the New Brunswick sheep sector.

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