Government of New Brunswick


To support the New Brunswick agriculture industry to prevent accidents and promote occupational safety on farms as well as to identify, manage, protect and mitigate emerging risks to crops and livestock.


• Indigenous peoples or organizations
• Agriculture producers (individuals or groups)
• Agriculture producer associations
• Academic or research institutions
• Agri-businesses
• Other individuals or groups capable of achieving program objectives


Applicants are eligible for funding assistance for approved activities intended to enhance the health and occupational safety on farms and a focus of mitigation and prevention to protect the crop and livestock sectors.

Example of activities under the program may include, but are not limited to:

• Strategic plan development and implementation for emergency measure systems for agricultural industry associations and sectors
• Promotion and communication activities on emergency measures systems
• Installation of game fencing, netting, scaring and other repellent devices to protect livestock and crops
• Purchase of guarding animals to deter predators on livestock operations
• Emergency preparedness for extreme weather disasters/events
• Occupational safety measures for on farm training and strategy planning

Program Elements :

A. Wildlife Damage Mitigation: To assist applicants with the purchase and installation of fencing, netting, scaring and other repellent devices and the purchase of livestock guarding animals to minimize the impact of wildlife on agricultural operations.

B. Emergency Preparedness for Extreme Weather Disasters: Assists applicants with strategic planning and skills training for emergency measures on farm. The purchase and installation of equipment for emergency measures is not eligible.

C. Occupational Health and Safety on Farm: Assists applicants with strategic planning and skills training for occupational health and safety measures on farm. The purchase of equipment to improve safety measures is not eligible.

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