Government of New Brunswick


As part of its commitment to the recruitment and retention of adequate nursing resources for New Brunswick, this Department contributes to the preparation of nurses for the specialty of Critical Care Nursing.


This program is open to nurses employed by New Brunswick Regional Health Authorities who are newly graduated or new to critical or emergency care. Since this is an online program, students require computer access.


Through a tripartite agreement with the Regional Health Authorities, University of Moncton and University of New Brunswick, the Critical Care Nursing Program offers a provincially standardized curriculum, utilizing standards from Canadian Association of Critical Care Nurses (CACCN), National Emergency Nurses Affiliation (NENA), and Canadian Council of Cardiovascular Nurses (CCCN). It offers learning within critical care and emergency care environments and includes both theory and practice. It is delivered by distance education to a maximum of eight sites, depending on location of participants. Courses are offered in both official languages.

  • The Critical Care Nursing Program is an 11 week program.

  • The program is open to nurses employed by New Brunswick Health Authorities who are novice or new to critical or emergency care.

  • Approval of administrative or program director is required.

  • Courses are available online and face-to-face, Course 7 is a clinical practicum experience.

  • Courses are free.

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