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The Physician Business Grant program provides new family physicians establishing a full time fee-for-service, community based practice, a grant of $15,000.

The Physician Business Grant is intended to help new family physicians with the cost of establishing their practice, particularly with the implementation of an Electronic Medical Record System, in accordance with the Primary Health Care Framework for New Brunswick.


New fee-for-service family physicians who establish a full time community based practice are eligible for a $15,000 Business grant.

Recipients of the Business grant are required to practice in the province for 1 year. If the Business Grant is provided in addition to a Bursary or a Location Grant that has previously been allocated, the Return of Service period is extended by one (1) additional year.

Physicians relocating from one region to another are not eligible for this grant.

Physicians who have previously practiced in New Brunswick must have moved out-of-province permanently for a minimum of one year before being considered for a Business grant. However, physicians are not eligible to receive the Business grant more than once during their career even if they have moved out of the province for one year or more.


Physicians are required to sign a one year return-of-service agreement with the respective RHA and establish a full time, fee-for-service community based practice within 6 months of receiving the grant.

Recipients of the grant are also obligated to take patients from the orphan patient registry when applicable.

Grants can be provided up to 90 days prior to the official start date.

The Regional Health Authorities will submit the grant request on your behalf, once you have signed a return-of-service agreement and have met the eligibility criteria. For all requests, approval is required from the Department prior to offering a grant.

A maximum number of grants is determined annually and is based on the budget allocation of the program.

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