Government of New Brunswick


The Community Action Fund provides grants up to $5,000 to eligible organizations to implement initiatives or projects that focus on the prevention of all types of violence against women.


Not for profit organizations

Applicants are required to meet the following requirements to be eligible to receive a grant:

• Projects must reflect the objective in the prevention of all types of violence against women.
• Projects must take place within the province.
• Applicants must meet specific terms and conditions of the grant within the required timeframe (e.g. deliverables including financial statement, feedback, two copies of any materials produced, etc.).
• Applicants must provide a narrative report.


Projects can include one or more of the following components: public education; community awareness; development of violence prevention networks; and support to abused women (i.e. workshops, promotional material, symposiums, etc.).

Organizations must use the approved form to submit their request for funding.