Government of New Brunswick


The Domestic Violence Outreach Program is a service for victims of domestic violence who need support and information on dealing with their individual situation. Individuals learn about domestic violence and are helped in accessing services in their community.


Victims of domestic violence, friends and family members of victims and the general public.

Community members and groups may also access the outreach service for information, presentations and publications on domestic violence and to obtain support in the development of sexual assault services.


There are 14 domestic violence outreach workers across the province. Those living in or leaving abusive relationships can access an outreach worker who can offer support and information during and after a crisis.

• Outreach workers can provide individuals a variety of services including: risk assessment; safety planning; crisis intervention; individual support; accompaniment; and safe meeting places.
• Outreach workers provide information and presentations on family violence and the outreach program for the general public, government departments, community organizations, schools and groups.
• Outreach workers assist and collaborate in the development and the provision of community-based sexual assault services.
• Outreach workers partner with local family violence committees to develop and coordinate responses to domestic violence.