Government of New Brunswick


The intent of this program is to provide a young person an alternative to custody.


This program may be a condition of a Probation Order, Deferred Custody Order, or Conditional Supervision Order.

It is intended for a young person who:

- would likely receive a custodial disposition upon sentencing;
- are assessed by a needs/risk assessment as high risk to re-offend; and
- along with their family, are motivated to participate in the program.


When a young person is sent to custody, it is sometimes difficult to address the contributing factors of the young person's criminal behaviour in a holistic manner that includes young person and family dynamics. For this reason, greater emphasis is being placed on community interventions, which target the young person within their natural environment.

The strength of the program depends on the support and direction of the facilitation team, innovative assessment and intervention techniques, and the delivery of high quality intensive services focusing on the young person and their families.