Government of New Brunswick


This program is part of a national education project developed to increase awareness and interest in Canadian history. In New Brunswick, the program is an initiative of the Heritage Branch.


Schools and School Districts


A total of 15 Regional Heritage Fairs are held throughout New Brunswick during the months of April, May and June.

Organized at the district level by elementary, middle and high schools, New Brunswick's Regional Heritage Fairs provides a quality learning opportunity for students to present their social studies research on provincial and national history. From participating school fair sites, students come together at Regional Heritage Fairs to present hands-on, multi-media projects about Canadian people, legends, milestones and achievements.

The students are recognized for their achievements through a series of awards sponsored by New Brunswick's heritage community, and one student at each Regional Fair is selected to attend the Provincial Fair taking place in early summer.

Small grants are provided to schools through Heritage Branch to cover travel costs.

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