Government of New Brunswick


The Foreign Qualifications Recognition Funding Program provides funding to non-profit organizations to assist internationally-trained workers in finding employment matching their skills, education and work experience, and also to assist internationally-trained workers in successfully integrating into the local labour market. The Population Growth Division will accept proposals from eligible organizations to provide programming such as sector-specific language classes, cultural competency training for employers, as well as other initiatives in support of the funding priorities.

See Funding Guidelines for detailed program description.


Eligible applicants include incorporated non-profit organizations in New Brunswick operating in accordance with the Population Growth Division’s goals and objectives. Eligible applicants also include organizations that have written agreements with appropriately incorporated organizations to handle the administration of funds. In the event that no applicant under the eligibility criteria can undertake a project, the Division may consider private businesses, companies, or private organizations.

Ineligible applicants include:
• individuals
• funding bodies (organizations whose sole mandate is to award grants or funding)

See Funding Guidelines for detailed eligibility criteria for program categories.


Programs which address the following will be prioritized for funding:
• pre-arrival and preparation materials to help ensure internationally-trained workers are aware of how to become licensed in their respective occupation in New Brunswick;
• knowledge of, and access to, occupation-specific language programs;
• diversity training programs to help with workplace participation; and,
• additional programs that help build foreign qualifications recognition capacity in New Brunswick, and enhance internationally trained workers’ workplace participation and integration.

See Funding Guidelines for detailed program description.