Government of New Brunswick


There are many ways to help children and families but none more direct than opening your heart and your home to a child who has experienced difficulties. Every member of a foster family learns and grows through the experience of caring for a foster child. Helping a child to heal, then grow and learn, can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

For more information about fostering call 1-800-990-0119.


This department is looking for couples or single adults who:
- Can form healthy relationships with others,
- Are able to meet the care and supervision needs of the child and/or youth,
- Have good parenting skills and insight into child behaviours,
- Are financially self-sufficient, and
- Have sufficient physical space in their home to accommodate the child’s needs

A criminal record check and a prior contact check with this department is required for anyone 19 years of age and over living in the home.


Foster care provides a child or siblings with a nurturing and supportive alternative home when they are not able to live with their birth family. Some children may need foster care for just a few days or a few weeks. Others may need to live with a foster family for several months or, in some circumstances, several years. Every effort is made to reunite a foster child with his or her family or find a permanent home for the child.

It is the responsibility of the government to provide protection services to children who are being abused or neglected by their family. Some children can receive services in their own home while other children must be placed in foster care.