Government of New Brunswick


Workplace Essential Skills (WES) training is aimed at helping adults who are employed or seeking employment and require additional essential skills to succeed. It is also available to employers who are experiencing skilled labour shortages and in need of recruitment support. Courses are offered free of charge for adult residents of New Brunswick.

Learning activities focus on the specific tasks associated with either an individual’s current job or desired occupation. Training is customized to respond to the specific needs of the work environment.

Additionally, WES training can be designed to support apprentices who have experienced difficulties with taking certification exams. Training is adapted to help apprentices prepare for tests such as the Essential Skills Assessment, Block tests or Red Seal Certification exams.

Individuals and employers interested in these courses may contact the Regional Office in their area.


Participants are assessed in the nine essential skills prior to entry into the program.

As of 2021, the Essential Skills were updated to the ‘Skills for Success’ model. These skills include:

- Reading
- Writing
- Numeracy
- Communication
- Collaboration
- Problem Solving
- Digital Skills
- Adaptability
- Creativity & Innovation



PETL provides an initial Training Needs Assessment to identify the essential skills required in the specific workplace. Based on the results, training is customized and can be delivered on site. Training ends with a final evaluation of the impacts and recommendations for future learning opportunities within the business.


WES training is based on the occupational goals that eligible individuals identify with their case manager. Training includes the opportunity to apply the skills learned in a workplace through work placement. Training ends with a final evaluation of the impacts and recommendations for future learning opportunities.


Apprentices who require addition help to be successful on certification exams may access training through their regional apprenticeship officer or employer.