Government of New Brunswick


To provide funds to accelerate the adoption and implementation of recognized food safety assurance systems, including food safety, biosecurity, traceability and animal welfare in the production, processing, transportation and distribution of New Brunswick Agri-Food products:

Funds will be available to educate New Brunswick consumers on the benefits of retaining and enhancing food production, both in terms of economic activity and life style. Funding will be available to illustrate agricultural concepts, technology, production techniques and to promote understanding of agricultural science, environmental responsibility and sustainability to NB students and the general public. All of which are in an effort to boost further growth for a strong and sustainable Agri-Food system.


• Indigenous Peoples or Organizations
• Agriculture producers (individuals or groups)
• Agriculture producer associations
• Academic or research institutions
• Agri-businesses
• Other individuals or groups capable of achieving program objectives


Promote the agriculture sector, its connection to a healthy life style and to demonstrate to New Brunswick and Canadian consumers that New Brunswick farmers and food processors produce safe high quality food. It will provide funding to primary producers, processors, abattoir owners, commodity or other agriculture food organizations to improve food safety and quality and promote these aspects to ensure trust and confidence in New Brunswick agriculture. Funding will also be used to support youth training and education of consumers.

Program Elements:

A. Assurance Systems Program, Food Safety and Quality Systems: This element will provide funding to support on farm and post farm food safety programs and post farm Agri-Food safety training and development. It will provide support for food safety training and awareness seminars, workshops, conferences and web-based activities, as well as pre-audit evaluation, initial, and final audits for producers and processors. The element will also assist with equipment purchases to enhance food safety and quality for on farm and post farm projects.

B. Development and Implementation of a National Agriculture and Food Safety Traceability System: This element will assist applicants with purchase of equipment and systems, implementation of traceability pilot projects and to hire consultant to aid with on farm and post farm traceability programs.

C. Biosecurity Implementation: This element will provide assistance to raise the awareness of and to implement of-farm bio-security programs and measures.

D. Animal Welfare Assurance Systems: This element will provide funding to facilitate implementation of Animal Welfare Programs by industry.

E. Agriculture Awareness: Funding will be provided to promote agriculture awareness at trade shows, seminars and school events. For profit and not for profit organizations that educate producers, beginning farmers and the general public about the benefits of agriculture and a healthy life style are eligible applicants.

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