Government of New Brunswick


Being a victim of crime can be traumatic. The role of the volunteer is to help vulnerable victims feel as comfortable in court as possible.


We are seeking individuals — 19 years or older — willing and able to support vulnerable victims of crime throughout criminal court proceedings. They might be a retiree, a business owner, a college or university student, a part-time worker or a concerned individual.

Volunteers will be equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to provide court support. This includes training and mentoring to prepare them for this important work.

Vulnerable victims need an informed guide to support them through criminal court proceedings.

To get a sense of whether this program is right for you, check out the following list of competencies:

• Approachability.
• Support.
• Compassion.
• Integrity.
• Critical thinking.
• Team work.
• Active listening.
• Relationship building.
• Caring.
• People skills.
• Reliability.

To learn more about the program, the volunteer selection process and the training provided:

Telephone: 1-844-242-7577 (toll-free)


Your role as a volunteer may include the following services:
• Explaining the court process to victims and answering their questions
• Showing victims the courtroom and where they may testify (behind screens or closed circuit testimonial room)
• Accompanying victims to court
• Standing or sitting beside the victims as they testify in court
• Meeting with victims after court to answer remaining questions

The Department of Public Safety will provide training sessions to volunteers to ensure that you fully understand your roles and responsibilities when working with victims of crime. Training may include, but will not necessarily be limited to the following topics:
• Orientation to criminal justice system
• Role of volunteers
• Dealing with vulnerable victims
• What to know about going to court
• Vicarious trauma and self-care

Perhaps the greatest benefit of volunteering is the satisfaction of helping people in your community when they are at their most vulnerable. You will be able to support victims of crime by combining our training with your unique background and personal life experiences. The knowledge gained by becoming a volunteer with the Court Support Volunteer Program can serve as an enhancement to your existing life skills or act as a stepping stone in career development.