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A series of pamphlets dealing with civil law. The purpose of these pamphlets is to provide some basic information about civil proceedings in New Brunswick. It does not contain a complete statement of the law in the area and laws change from time to time.

Public Legal Education and Information Service is a non-profit organization that is mandated to provide the public with law information resources. PLEIS-NB receives funding and in-kind support from this Department and the New Brunswick Law Foundation and Justice Canada.


New Brunswick residents.


The publications on Civil Law include:
• Fact Sheet 1. Serving Documents
• Fact Sheet 2. Limitations Periods
• Fact Sheet 3. Payment Hearings
• Fact Sheet 4. Actions Against the Provincial Crown
• Fact Sheet 5. Appealing a Decision of the Court of Queen’s Bench
• Helping New Brunswick Volunteers Help Themselves
• Judgment Enforcement
• Know Trespassing
• Small Claims Court: Information for Claimants, Defendants and Third Parties
• So Sue Me! - A Guide to civil disputes and tort law

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