Government of New Brunswick


The work of the Branch falls into two broad categories: evaluation and research and provision of Labour Market Information.


Labour Market Information is available to the general public free of charge.


A number of specific activities fall under the evaluation umbrella. The Branch is responsible for:

•serving as a focal point for evaluation within the Department;
•coordinating the development and implementation of an annual
Evaluation schedule;
•serving as a resource to Operational Units on the subject of
•leading all comprehensive evaluations conducted by the
Department; and
•conducting various program evaluations and follow-up studies.

The overall objective of our activities in the area of research and information is to develop, analyze and disseminate labour market and other information required to support program decisions and the case management process. Specific responsibilities include:

•conducting various studies and surveys;
•analyzing information available from other sources;
•developing occupational and sectoral employment projections;
•maintaining a variety of operational, labour market and other
Data bases;
•disseminating relevant information within and outside the
Department in "user- friendly formats;
•providing advice and guidance on how to interpret and utilize
The information disseminated by the Branch.