Government of New Brunswick


To provide funding for eligible capital costs of projects in support of youth and family related activities, that, without such support, would otherwise not proceed.

This program is administered by the Regional Development Corporation and is designed to complement federal and provincial programs related to youth and family development.


Assistance will be available to non-profit organizations, local service districts and / or municipalities engaged in youth and family related projects such as playgrounds, sports / recreational facilities, community centres and community equipment. Examples of the sports / recreational facilities include the following: baseball fields, soccer fields, volleyball courts, tennis courts, football fields, skateboard parks, arenas / rinks, youth camps, local and municipal parks. Examples of centres include community, seniors, women's institutes, legions, youth and recreation.

The following activities are not eligible under the Program:
- Animal shelters
- Art galleries
- Bowling alleys
- Campgrounds
- Churches / cemeteries
- Community garden
- Daycare facility
- Enterprise / Employment Centres
- Equestrian Facilities
- Equipment (uniforms, personal sporting equipment, vehicles, materials for programs, school gym / team equipment, books)
- Fair facilities
- Feasibility studies
- Food bank
- Golf courses
- Health centres
- Housing (transitional or other)
- Hunting / Fishing / Archery Clubs & Gun Ranges
- Libraries
- Municipal (town hall, fire stations & equipment, sidewalks)
- Museums
- Operational expenses
- Pools
- Sailing schools
- Schools (buildings, gym, parking lot & school equipment/materials)
- Site / Land Improvements (Landscaping, Parking lots, Signs)
- Tourism projects
- Travel expenses
- Trail projects & Clubs (ATV,Snowmobile,Ski)
- Wharfs and floating docks

(The Corporation reserves the right to add additional items to the list.)

The applicant shall allow any authorized representative of the Regional Development Corporation, at its discretion, to visit the project site to verify that the project has been undertaken and completed in accordance with the program objectives and guidelines.


Assistance under the Family and Youth Capital Assistance Program will be in the form of non-repayable grants. Only one grant is available for each project.

The level of assistance available for eligible capital costs under the Family and Youth Capital Assistance Program will be based on the type of project.

- Playground type projects will be eligible for 100% of the total approved material costs to a maximum level of $15,000. Eligible costs include fixed playground structures and pea gravel. (Operational costs, harmonized sales tax (hst), land costs, machinery, planning, design and labour costs are not eligible costs.)

- All other project types will be eligible for 50% of the total approved project costs to a maximum level of $50,000. Eligible costs include materials, building materials, land preparation, machinery rental, purchase of recreational equipment, and labour associated with the project. (Operational costs, harmonized sales tax (hst), land costs, design and planning costs are not eligible costs.)

To be considered for funding, applicants must complete, sign and forward the attached application form including contractor/supplier estimates of the project costs to the Regional Development Corporation.

Applications will be assessed against program criteria.

Project must not commence before the applicant receives written notification of approval by the Regional Development Corporation.

Applicant must complete, sign and forward a claim form including copies of all pertinent documentation relating to the project for reimbursement of expenditures. Cash payments will not be eligible for reimbursement.

An affidavit is required for volunteer contributions (maximum of 25% of the eligible project cost).

Donations of materials, equipment, or services are not eligible to be included in the claim as they are not actual costs incurred (paid out) on the project. Only actual costs incurred and volunteer labour are eligible for reimbursement.

Expenditures can be reimbursed in up to three installments, or one lump sum at the end of the project.