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New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NB EMO) is the provincial lead agency for emergency management. NB EMO works to reduce loss of life and injuries to persons and damage to property and the environment, and ensure that officials, stakeholders and the public have the information, assistance and training needed to adequately prepare for emergencies and disasters.


All provincial departments and agencies, as well as selected federal, private and non-governmental organization partners, are eligible to participate in exercises and training.


NB EMO provides an official government point of contact for emergencies of all types. This includes a 24/7 duty officer system that ensures that callers reporting events can talk directly to a qualified individual, regardless of the time of day, week or year.

NB EMO's Operations Section is responsible for the infrastructure, organization and operational policy supporting provincial level emergency operations. Day to day, the Operations Section ensures that facilities, systems and personnel are ready to respond to emergency situations. The Operations Section also develops and maintains emergency response procedures for a wide variety of situations, in keeping with an all-hazards approach to emergency management.

NB EMO has a special responsibility to enable communications among all of the organizations having an emergency role. The Operations Section maintains a variety of radio networks and computer information systems that provide connectivity and enable responders and officials from all levels of government to inter-operate. This includes the requirement for robust and redundant computer and telecommunications systems, alerting and notification systems and a variety of specialized emergency management applications.

The Operations Section is also responsible to maintain the New Brunswick Government's Provincial Emergency Operations Centre (PEOC), eight District Emergency Operations Centres (DEOCs) and a Mobile Incident Command Post. These facilities support local, provincial and federal operations, to ensure that the efforts of all levels of government and the private sector are complementary and mutually supporting.

The Operations Section conducts and participates in a variety of provincial and federal exercises, in order to verify the operational readiness of equipment, systems, applications, procedures and personnel and to determine requirements for the further refinement and training.


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