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This program is provided by the New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization (NBEMO) to ensure that communities and other emergency responders have the necessary plans, skills and opportunities to practice vital emergency response procedures. These include municipal staff occupying key roles in Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs), nursing home staff and volunteers, school districts, regional health authorities, First Nations, and private industry.


In New Brunswick, there are 61 nursing homes, 15 First Nations, 2 regional health authorities, 14 school districts, 103 municipalities and staff, and many industrial sites which request assistance through their regional coordinators, in order to contribute collaboratively to their regional plans. These same agencies and groups also participate in training programs. Individuals or groups interested in learning more about NB EMO’s planning assistance program should contact the Manager of Plans and Preparedness at 506-453-2133. In terms of all other courses please contact the NB EMO Training Officer at 506-444-4510.


PLANNING ASSISTANCE: NBEMO provides assistance in preparing emergency response plans through the office of the NB EMO Manager of Plans and Preparedness and the Regional Coordinators. This includes meeting and providing advice to elected officials, administrators, company officials and volunteers, as they seek to identify risks and formulate plans and appropriate response procedures.

TRAINING EXERCISES: In order to be effective, emergency plans must be constantly practiced, updated and validated. Regular training exercises are conducted, and these may involve field and/or tabletop formats. Exercise schedules are published on the NB EMO website, and cooperation is encouraged between various emergency response agencies through Regional Coordinators. There is no charge for this service.

IN-SERVICE TRAINING: Organized through respective Regional Coordinators, training specific to individual audiences is conducted on a requested basis. An example of a group utilizing this service would be a Nursing Home that wishes to have NB EMO conduct training for staff concerned with facility evacuation. There is no charge for this service.

DISTANCE LEARNING: The Basic Emergency Management Course (BEM) is a distance-learning, CD-ROM-based study package. BEM is also a prerequisite for advanced Emergency Operations Training. After registering for this course, through the SNB Web-site, students will receive individual training course materials from SNB,allowing participants to study and practice the basics of Emergency Management at their own pace. The student is sent a certificate of training upon completion of the final on-line exam. Fees associated with this training are listed under the “fees” tab.

CLASSROOM TRAINING: Formal instruction and training are key components to the success of managing any emergency. NBEMO offers two classroom-based training courses: The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Management Course, and the Emergency Public Information (EPI) Course. These courses are offered in both English and French, and are conducted as collective training at NB EMO Offices, located at the Victoria Health Centre, 65 Brunswick Street, Fredericton, NB. The NB EMO Training Calendar can be accessed using links posted on this web-page. Fees associated with this training are listed under the “fees” tab.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
  Planning Assistance, In-Service Training, Training Exercises No2006-01-01
  Basic Emergency Management - CD-ROM 502006-01-01
  Emergency Operations Centre Management3502012-10-25
  Emergency Public Information 4252012-10-25
  Emergency Site Management3502012-10-25
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