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The purpose of the Quality Improvement Funding Support program is to make funding support available to approved child day care facilities to increase the availability and quality of child day care services in New Brunswick.

The Quality Improvement Funding Support program makes funding available to increase wages for eligible child day care staff.

The toll-free number is 1-866-727-QIFS (1-866-727-7437).


Any approved child day care Facility that wishes to participate in the QIFS program must complete the Application Form and return it prior to March 31st of each year.

QIFS will accept new applications into the program on an annual basis only (by March 31st of each year for the following fiscal year (April-March)). However, newly approved child day care facilities with infant spaces can apply for QIFS once they receive their Certificate of Approval from the province at any time throughout the year.

To be eligible to apply, facilities must:

• Have a VALID Certificate of Approval (issued on or prior to March 31st of each year in order to be eligible to apply).
• Complete one (1) ANNUAL Application Form for each approved child day care facility before the program's deadline.
• Communicate valid and accurate information and cooperate with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development regarding an audit or inquiry.


The Quality Improvement Funding Support program includes an annual application process and four quarterly reporting periods.
The application form requests information on the profile of each child day care facility in order to distribute the funding support according to a formula that corresponds with the goals of the program. A fully completed form is required in order for an application to be processed.

Funding payments are made prior to hours worked and are distributed monthly.

Please see the current fiscal year QIFS Handbook for complete program standards and guidelines.

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