Government of New Brunswick


You can request a message from the Premier, the Office of the Lieutenant-Governor, the Prime Minister, and other provincial and federal government representatives.


The Premier sends certificates of congratulations for birthdays, ages 65 and over, and for wedding anniversaries, 25 years and over.


Do you know someone who has a special birthday or anniversary soon?

You can also request a message from:

- His Majesty the King,
- the Prime Minister,
- the Office of the Lieutenant Governor,
- the Governor General,
- N.B. Leader of the Opposition,
- Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA,
- Federal Leader of the Opposition,
- Member of Parliament (MP).

The request can be submitted electronically, or printed off, filled out and mailed to the address listed in the contact section. If you submit the request by mail, please include "Special Greeting Request" in the address.

Certificates will be sent by mail, or arrangements for pickup may be made by calling the contact number.

Please allow four weeks for delivery of your certificate.

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