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Air Quality Approvals and Permits
Application Fee for Well Licence (Oil and Gas) 
Approval to Develop Coastal or Beach Crown Land  
Aquaculture Licence - Commercial
Aquaculture Licence - Institutional
Aquaculture Licence - Private
Bear Hunting Licence
Bird and Small Game Hunting Licence  
Bituminous Shale Development Permit  
Bituminous Shale Licence to Search  
Bobcat Licence - Draw  
Burning Permits (Fire Season)   
CITES Export Permit (Wildlife)   
Communal Wastewater Treatment Facility Approval
Composting Facilities Approvals
Construction and Demolition Debris Disposal Site Approvals
Crown Aggregate - Acquisition of Pit and Quarry Rights - Quarry Permit  
Crown Aggregate - Acquisition of Pit and Quarry Rights - Written Authorization  
Crown Lands - Lease and Permit for Aquaculture Purposes
Crown Lands - Licence of Occupation
Crown Lands - Wind Exploration Licence
Dairy Licences 
Day Adventure Angling Licence  
Deer and Game Bird Hunting Licence 
Export Permit (Wildlife)   
Fishing - Crown Reserve Licences 
Fishing Licence 
Freshwater Aquaculture Certificate of Approval
Fur Harvester Licence  
Fur Trader Licence  
Geophysical Exploration Licence 
Geophysical Exploration Permit 
Guide I Licence  
Guide II Licence (Licence to Accompany) 
Harvest Forest Biomass    
Hide Dealer Licence  
Hound Hunting Permit   
Land Reclamation Site Approval
Land-based Dredging Material Disposal Site Approval
Licensing of Livestock Operation   
Marine Finfish Aquaculture Approval
Migratory Bird Hunting Licences  
Mineral Claims, Acquisition and Search 
Moose Hunting Licence
Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator Licence 
Oil and Natural Gas Licence to Search  
Outfitters / Guides - Non-Resident Bear Licence Allocation 
Ozone Depleting Substances and other Halocarbons Permits 
Peat Exploration Licence  
Permit for Wreath Tips and Branch Material  



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