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Aboriginal Affairs Grants Program  
Active Kids Toolkit / Training Program   
Affordable Rental Housing Program   
Agri-Food Market Development Program    
Agricultural Equipment Technician - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Agricultural Insurance  
Agriculture Direct Loans  
Agriculture Loan Guarantees  
AgriInvest Program   
AgriStability Program   
Air Quality Approvals and Permits 
Amusement Device Inspection  
Amusement Device Registration 
Appliance Service Technician - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Application Fee for Well Licence (Oil and Gas) 
Apprenticeship Incentive Program - Out of Province Apprentice Strategy   
Aquaculture Licence - Commercial
Aquaculture Licence - Institutional
Aquaculture Loans and Loan Guarantees  
Art Bank - Acquisition Program  
Art Bank - Exhibition Program   
Arts - Professional Artists - Artist-in-Residency School Program Grant (Anglophone Sector)  
Arts and Cultural Industries - Strategic Initiatives Fund (Grant)  
Arts Groups - Literary Promotion Grant  
Arts Organizations (non-profit) Touring and Presenting Grant - Presenting Component  
Arts Organizations (non-profit) Touring and Presenting Grant - Touring Component  
Auctioneers Licence   
Automotive Painter - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Automotive Service Technician (Steering, Suspension and Brakes) - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Automotive Service Technician - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Baker - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Beekeeper Registration  
Bituminous Shale Development Permit  
Bituminous Shale Lease   
Bituminous Shale Licence to Search  
Blaster - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection  
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Installation Permit 
Boiler and Pressure Vessel Registrations  
Boiler Inspections - Certificate of Competency 
Book Publishers - Operations Grant  
Book Publishing (Periodicals) – Operations Grant  
Bricklayer - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Business and Professional Development for Publishers - Grants   
Cabinetmaker - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Canadian Automobile Manufacturers Vehicle Arbitration   
Canadian Potato Variety Repository (AA) 
Carpenter - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Casino - Registration 
Charitable Lottery Licences and Permits 
Children's Residential Services – Child Care Residential Centres   
CITES Export Permit (Wildlife)   
Co-operative (Co-ops) Incorporation 
Collection Agency Licence  
Collective Bargaining Research   
Commercial Trailer Technician - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Commercial Trip Permit  
Commissioner of Oaths - Appointment 
Communal Wastewater Treatment Facility Approval  
Communities Raising Children   
Community Cultural Places Grant  
Community Food Action Program  
Composting Facilities Approvals  
Compressed Gas Licences - Class A
Compressed Gas Licences - Class PPO, PTO
Compressed Gas Licences - Medical Gas
Computerized Numerical Control Machinist - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Concrete Finisher - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Condominium Property Development  
Construction and Demolition Debris Disposal Site Approvals 
Construction Boilermaker - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification 
Construction Craft Worker - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Construction Electrician - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Cook - Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification  
Coordination Of Efforts To Reduce Violence Against Aboriginal Women   
Corporate Law for Non-Profit Organizations (PLEIS)  
Corporate Registry - Search
Cost of Credit Disclosure  
Court Fees - Court of Appeal  
Court Fees - Court of Queen's Bench 
Court Fees - Creditor's Relief Act  
Court Fees - Divorce 
Court Fees - Probate   
Court Fees - Transcripts 
Credit Union Incorporation 
Crop Development   
Crown Aggregate - Acquisition of Pit and Quarry Rights - Quarry Lease  
Crown Aggregate - Acquisition of Pit and Quarry Rights - Quarry Permit  
Crown Aggregate - Acquisition of Pit and Quarry Rights - Written Authorization  
Crown Lands - Harvest Forest Biomass    
Crown Lands - Lease and Permit for Aquaculture Purposes
Crown Lands - Lease for Agricultural Purposes (other than blueberry)
Crown Lands - Leases
Crown Lands - Licence of Occupation
Crown Lands - Maple Sugary Lease 
Crown Lands - Peat Lease  
Crown Lands - Permit for Wreath Tips and Branch Material   
Crown Lands - Permits to Harvest Fuelwood   
Crown Lands - Shooting Range Lease
Crown Lands - Wind Exploration Licence
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