It was my pleasure on Wednesday of last week to be on hand and offer well wishes and support to 22 firefighters who have travelled to Alberta to fight wildfires.

It was truly inspiring to witness the enthusiasm and can-do attitude of these young men and women. Some of them are 19- and 20-years-old, and they have already been deployed last year to fires in the western province.

Today I want to publicly acknowledge their dedication and professionalism, the training they receive, and the assistance they bring to Alberta, which as we know, has seen devastating loss as a result of fires, in particular in Fort McMurray.

I am pleased that our government has been able to bring assistance, and depending on our own conditions here, we will continue to make firefighters and equipment available as requested to our friends in Alberta.

Our firefighters will be in Alberta another week, and I wish them and their leaders a successful mission and a safe return back home to New Brunswick.