Government of New Brunswick - Public Safety - Latest News Government of New Brunswick - Public Safety - Latest News Chief coroner releases results of a child death review The Child Death Review Committee has reviewed the death of a child whose family was known to the Department of Social Development. The results of the review were released today by Chief Coroner Gregory Forestell. 2018123108:39:00 Take precautions to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning This holiday season, and throughout the winter, New Brunswickers are reminded to be aware of the threat posed by carbon monoxide. 2018122010:10:00 New measures to reduce drug-impaired driving take effect Dec. 18 Legislative amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act take effect next week, increasing the penalties for drug-impaired driving. 2018121309:51:00 Provincewide emergency preparedness exercise planned for June 2019 Planning has begun for the second provincewide emergency preparedness exercise, scheduled for June 2019. 2018120510:06:00 Recommendations to improve safety at construction sites Recommendations have been made to improve the safety of people working at height at construction sites. 2018112719:25:00 2018123108:39:00