FREDERICTON (GNB) – Safety officials are urging New Brunswickers to prepare for significant rain and snowmelt due to mild temperatures on Thursday.

It is recommended that people check drains and their property to prevent localized flooding.

Environment and Climate Change Canada expects snow to turn to rain on Thursday morning. The rain and snowmelt could lead to localized flooding.

Rainfall warnings have been issued for southern New Brunswick. Freezing rain warnings have also been issued for the northern part of the province.

Some communities are still cleaning up after the storm on Sunday, and more snowmelt and rain could make matters worse. Because the ground is frozen and cannot absorb water, there is a danger it will pool around homes and on streets.

“Unobstructed drains are crucial to avoid flooding, but water must also have a path to reach drains,” said New Brunswick Emergency Measures Organization director Greg MacCallum. “On top of clearing debris from drains, it is important to ensure eavestroughs are directing water away from the home.”

New Brunswickers are also asked to stay informed by monitoring local forecasts.